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How long is the OHT?

It is growing! As of 2017 the OHT has several sections with a combined length of constructed trail of over 240 miles, plus 15 miles of bushwhack through the Lower Buffalo Wilderness. The oldest section is 165 miles from Lake Fort Smith to Woolum. Then there are 15 miles built to Hwy 65, then 28 miles to Hwy 14.  At Hwy 14 the trail begins 15 miles of Lower Buffalo Wilderness (trail-less) bushwhack to Spring Creek Trailhead, then 32 miles of built trail to Matney Trailhead at Hwy 341 near Norfork, AR. (After Matney TH there is a road gap of about 8 miles to Norfork Dam, then 13 miles of built trail along Lake Norfork’s west shore to Tracy Arm).   An additional section northbound from Robinson Point on Lake Norfork is under construction and in use to Red Bank Recreation area.   To “Hike the whole trail” your hike includes all of the above, but for bragging rights consider it done if you hike from Lake Fort Smith State Park to Woolum or Hwy 65.