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Is it safe to hike during hunting seasons?

Are you going to be shot just because you are hiking during hunting season? Certainly not. You are as safe out on the trail during hunting season as you are walking down the street in your front neighborhood, or indeed walking in any town in the world. Can a stray bullet strike you? Of course, but you have a much better chance of hitting the lottery. During hunting seasons you might hear gunshots and see hunters, so it is always best to be aware of when the hunting seasons are. The Ozark Highlands Trail Association always schedules outings during even the most busy hunting seasons. There has never been a reported injury of any kind associated with hikers and hunters along the OHT. This does not meant that it won’t ever happen, just that it is not really an issue. IF you are hiking during the regular gun deer seasons, it is best if you wear some sort of blaze orange cloth on your person and/or backpack. Check with the Arkansas Game & Fish Commission for seasons