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Who maintains the trail?

The OHT is maintained by volunteers from the Ozark Highlands Trail Association. To date these volunteers have contributed more than 350,000 hours of free labor to the trail over the past 23 years. The trail is divided up into 50+ sections that are adopted by volunteers just like the highway trash cleanup program. These volunteers maintain their section a couple of times a year. Their main job is to take care of downed limbs and small trees across the trail, and to keep the corridor lopped out to a six-foot width. When they encounter larger trees across the trail that require chainsaw work, this is reported and a different crew is required to come in and cut them out. WEEDS are not a priority of our maintainers – it would be difficult to keep the weeds cut back along the trail, and they do get grown up in the late summertime, especially now with the red oak borer killing many of the larger trees (allows more sunlight to the ground which weeds thrive on). If you happen to see a volunteer working on the trail, be sure to THANK them for all of their work! And if you find a section of trail that is not quite up to snuff, the best thing that YOU can do is to this is the text that will be used as the linkVOLUNTEER yourself to help out!