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Section #, Mile PointsLOCATION - West to EastMAINTAINER(S)
#1, 0.0-2.7Lake Fort Smith State Park
#2, #3, 2.7-6.4Frog Bayou to Jack Cr2.7-6.4 Underwood Geographics
#4, 6.4-10.4Jack Cr to DockerysJim Warnock, Alma
#5, 10.4-14.2Dockerys Gap to FR#1703John Pennington, Fayetteville
#6, 14.2-17.7FR#1703 to Shores Lake SpurJim Halpin, Tulsa, OK
#7-A, NorthWest Side of Shores Lake to White Rock LoopFranklin County SAR Team
#7-B, SouthWest Side of Shores Lake to White Rock LoopJeff Dicello, Tulsa, OK Franklin County SAR Team
#8, 18.7-20.2White Rock to Salt Fork CreekMike McKinnon, Freeman Wish,Paula White, White Rock Mountain
#9East Side of Shores Lake to White Rock LoopFranklin County SAR Team
#9-AWhite Rock Rim Trail 2.1 milesDavid West, Tulsa, OK
#10, 20.2-22.3Salt Fork to Potato Knob Mtn. (FR#1510)Bob & Dana Cable, Fayetteville
#11, 22.3-25.8Potato Knob Mtn. to Ragtown Rd. (FR#1509)Bob & Dawna Robinson, Ft. Smith
#12, 25.8-31.6Ragtown Road to Fane CreekTom Perry, Ozark Society HC. Fayetteville, AR
#13, 31.6-37.0Fane Creek to Hwy. 23 at Cherry BendMike Lemaster, Fayetteville, Dave & Libby Richard, Conway gas line Ch. Bnd
#14, 37.0-40.5Hwy. 23 at Cherry Bend to Fly Gap (FR#1503)Josh Granderson & Family
Siloam Springs
#15-A, 40.5-42.8ÊFly Gap to Hare MountainÊCharles Lawrence, Fort Smith
#15-B, 42.8-44.5Hare Mountain to Hare Mtn. TrailheadCharles Lawrence, Fort Smith
#16, 44.5-47.5Hare Mountain Trailhead to Herrods CreekCharlie Whitmore, Overland Park, KS
#17Spy Rock ConnectionBob Miller, Tulsa
#18, #19Redding LoopChris Adams, Carthage, MO
#20, 47.5-51.1Herrods Creek to Indian CreekDave Zacconi, Tulsa, OK
#21, 51.1-53.7Indian Creek to Marinoni Scenic Area (Briar Branch)Logan Lemaster
#21A at 51.9 Indian Creek TH SpurDale Fudge andFriends of Dawna Robinson
#22, 53.7-54.4Marinoni Scenic AreaLogan Lemaster
#23. 54.4-56.3Marinoni Scenic Area to Lick Branch TrailheadLogan Lemaster
#24, 56.3-58.0Lick Branch Trailhead to Little Mulberry CreekClifford Clifton, Alma
#25, 58.0-65.7Little Mulberry Creek to FR#1474Dan Griesse, Ft. Smith
#26-A, 65.7-68.3FR#1474 to FR#1434Steven Parker, West Fork
#26-B, 68.3-70.9FR#1434 to Arbaugh Road TrailheadKerry Coe, Shreveport, LA
#27, 70.9-78.3Arbaugh Road Trailhead to Moonhull MountainRandy Parsons, Rogers, AR
#28-A, 78.3-81.8Moonhull Mountain to Boomer BranchEric Henretty and Kevin Middleton
#28-B, 81.8-84.3Boomer Branch to Mulberry River Rd.(FR#1003)Sean Prewitt, Saddlebrooke, MO
#29, 84.3 -85.7Mulberry River Road to Ozone Campground TrailheadBill Hignite, Colcord, OK
#30, 85.7-89.3Ozone Campground Trailhead to FR#1405Phil Stegall, Memphis, TN
#31-A, 89.3-93.0ÊFR#1405 to just beyond cedar gladeÊPaul Rickett, Conway
#31-B, 93.0-96.0Beyond cedar glade to FR#1004Paul Rickett, Conway
#32, 96.0-99.5FR#1004 to FR#1003Lewis Oswalt, Clinton, MS
#33, 99.5-104.0FR#1003 to Haw Creek Falls Campground (Hwy 123)Charles Transue and Jim Mott
#34, 104.0-105.5Haw Creek Falls Campground to Big Piney BridgeDanny Hale Tak-A-Hike River Valley Hikers Russellville
#35, 105.5-111.0Big Piney Bridge to Hurricane Creek (west crossing)Brent Alexander, Delight, AR
#36High Water BypassFaye McConnell, Fayetteville
#37-A, 111.0-114.9Hurricane CreekÊ - west crossing to east crossSteve Parker, Winslow
#37-B, 114.9-118.4Hurricane Creek east cross to Chancel SpurSteve Parker, Winslow
#38, 118.4-122.9Chancel Spur to FR#1209Danny Hale Tak-A-Hik River Valley Hikers, Russellville
#39, 122.9-125.0FR#1209 to Fairview CampgroundTodd Well, Harrison
#40, 125.0-128.6Fairview Campground to Cox HollowMark Larmoyeux, Fayetteville, AR
#41-A, 128.6-131.6ÊCox Hollow to Greenhaw Mtn.Michael Reed, Russellville
#41-B, 131.6-134.4Greenhaw Mtn. to Richland CreekMichael Reed, Russellville
#42, 134.4-136.2Richland Creek (west crossing) to FR#1203Jeremy Walter
#43, 136.2-139.6FR#1203 to Falling Water Creek (FR#1205)Todd Wells, Harrison
#44, 139.6-144.1Falling Water Creek to Richland Creek CampgroundPhilip and Zina Brown & Tom Walden
#45, 144.1-147.8Richland Creek Campground to Drury HollowBill Dark Central States Nature Photographers
#46, 147.8-151.7Drury Hollow to Stack Rock Trailhead (FR#1201)Russell Thomas, Fayetteville
#47, 151.7-153.8Stack Rock Trahilead (FR#1201) to Dry CreekMatt Beeson
#48, 153.8-156.6Dry Creek to National Forest BoundaryMelissa Cosini
#49, 156.6-165.0National Forest Boundary to Buffalo River at WoolumNewton Simer, Tulsa, Oklahoma
#50 - #69,ÊWoolum to Spring Cr. TrailheadBNR National Park Service/USFS
#70, 221.5-223.0Spring Creek TH to Dead Dog BluffTom Walden & Philip Brown
#71, 223.0-228.8Dead Dog Bluff to Clear CutPhilip Brown & Tom Walden
#72, 228.88-230.5Clear Cut to Moccasin Sp. TrailheadWendy Johnson, Mountain View
#73, 230.5-233.9Moccasin Sp. Trailhead to Barkshed RdWayne Fulmer, Des Arc
#74, 233.9-235.8Barkshed Road to Cole Fork CreekWayne Fulmer, Des Arc
#75, 235.8-239.6Cole Fork Creek to Brush Creek TrailheadBeth Buckley, Little Rock
#76, 239.6-242.2Brush Creek Trailhead to Brush Creek RoadOPEN
#77, 242.2-243.9Brush Creek Road to Hwy 341 (#3)Steve Sampers
#78, 243.9-245.0Hwy 341 (#3) to Twin Creek RoadSteve Sampers
#79, 245.0-249.5Twin Creek Road to Hastings AccessLiatris Studer
#80, 249.5-251.1Hastings Access to Hwy 341 (#4)Liatris Studer
#81, 251.1-253.1Hwy 341 (#4) to Matney THSteve Sampers


Information for Maintainers      Processed with Snapseed.  

The Ozark Highlands Trail is maintained by a dedicated group of volunteers. Sections of the OHT are “adopted” by individuals, families or groups and maintained at least twice a year. A report is then filled out and sent into the OHTA volunteer coordinator. These are then analyzed and turned over to the Forest Service district offices. These reports tell us what condition each section of the trail is in, and especially if there are any problem areas that we need to pay special attention to. We will normally have at least one group maintenance trip each month that is open to everyone to one of these problem areas. No experience is necessary–only a willingness to take care of this great trail facility. While all of our sections are usually adopted, there is always a chance that one will open up, or someone will want to share a section. To find out more about adopting your own section of the OHT, or just to help with the maintenance, contact our Maintenance Coordinator:
Steve Parker  OHTmaintenance@gmail.com.

When you adopt a section of the OHT to maintain, there are a few basic guidelines that we would like for you to follow. We are all volunteers, so what follows here are mainly guidelines that we ask you to follow and are not hard and fast rules. We want you to help us keep the trail open and safe for hikers to use, but we also want you to have a good time doing it and feel that you are an important part of the process, which you are! Keeping the trail maintained is one of the most important things that we do as an organization, and your efforts are greatly appreciated.

Volunteer Responsibilities
Visit and maintain your section of trail at least twice a year.
Keep the trail corridor open and cut out to at least six feet wide.
Keep the trail treadway free of debris.
Prepare and turn in a Maintenance Report within one week of your trip.
Enjoy yourself while doing the above!

Tools Required
Provide and use your own safety glasses

Hand saw (larger trees will be handled by a chainsaw crew)
Leather work gloves

Maintainers Report

Complete the Maintenance Report online.

If necessary, mail Maintenance Report to:
ATTN: Steve Parker
P.O. Box 4065
Fayetteville, AR 72702-4065

ALL MAINTAINERS WHO PARTICIPATE IN THIS PROGRAM ARE REQUIRED TO BE MEMBERS IN GOOD STANDING OF THE OZARK  HIGHLANDS TRAIL ASSOCIATION*.  Non-members are allowed on work trips after filling out the required Temporary Membership Certificate (170kb pdf) available from the Maintenance Leader or above link prior to any actual trail work being performed.
* U. S. Forest Service regulation

Adopter Handbook and Using GPS 

OHTA Adopter Handbook (pdf 573kb)

Using your Smart Phone to Help with Trail Maintenance (pdf 343kb)