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Download a .pdf membership form, fill it out and mail with a check to
Ozark Highlands Trail Association • P. O. Box 4065 • Fayetteville, AR 72702-4065

Fill out a membership form online and pay with with a credit card or PayPal.
The Ozark Highlands Trail Association (OHTA) is a private, nonprofit volunteer organization that was organized in 1981 to…build, maintain and enjoy the Ozark Highlands Trail…Since that time thousands of our volunteers from twenty states have contributed over 350,000 hours of work to this trail project. Our members are all ages, come from different parts of the country, and have many backgrounds and interests.

The Ozark Highlands Trail is one the most scenic hiking trails in the United States. Construction to the trail was begun in 1977 by the U.S. Forest Service, but soon funding disappeared and OHTA volunteers took up the torch. The main section of the trail was completed in 1989, and it was dedicated as a National Recreation Trail. Work on the trail continues—we are upgrading the bad spots, creating loop trails and spurs, have an ongoing maintenance program that covers the entire trail, and continue to coordinate the efforts to extend the trail all the way to St. Louis, Missouri-creating a trail system of nearly 1,000 miles!

OHTA is an outings club too—we try to have at least as many “fun” hikes as we do work trips. These casual trips will take you to some of the most scenic spots in the Ozarks, as well as other regional natural areas. We are also an educational organization, with emphasis on teaching low impact camping and hiking techniques, and helping to ease those who are new to the sport of hiking into the back country. Beginners welcome!

We have monthly meetings, a web page newsletter, and an expanding program of work trips, dayhikes, and overnight backpack trips for hikers of all ages and abilities. If this sounds like the group for you, download the membership application below and mail it in.

Anyone who uses the Ozark Highlands Trail needs to support and be a member of OHTA.

Don’t know what to give for birthdays, holiday gifts, scholastic accomplishments, anniversary (?!!) ,  or just because you like somebody?   Give an OHTA Membership.

Download a .pdf membership form, fill it out and mail with a check to
Ozark Highlands Trail Association • P. O. Box 4065 • Fayetteville, AR 72702-4065
Fill out a membership form online and pay with with a credit card or PayPal.

Membership Fees

  • Individual or Family/$20 (Are you 25 or younger?  Send in just $10!!)
  • Trail Friend/$30
  • Contributing/$50
  • Supporting/$100
  • Life/$300
  • Other $___________

Membership is good for a full year.
OHTA is recognized as a 501 (c) 3 charitable organization by the IRS and is an affiliate of the American Hiking Society.

Growing Members

The OHTA membership count is well off our peak, but it has remained roughly at the current level for several years. Considering that there have been no  really major trail projects; that says the OHTA is recognized and appreciated by hikers, and that is very good news. Most importantly, it also says good things about OHTA members. It says you’re friendly, outgoing, and enthusiastically supporting the OHT. So much so, it inspires people you meet to begin to want to share your enthusiasm, your sense of accomplishment in being part of an organization that builds, maintains, and enjoys this great trail of ours. When you think about, probably more people know you’re active with the OHTA than know what you do to make a living!

Ice Storm 2009 shined the light on the strength and depth of capability of the OHTA, impressing even the most skeptical in the Forest Service (and saving Uncle Sam some real bucks). The job was done from Lake Fort Smith to Woolum before the news media discovered the big story out there, but you read the stats in the last newsletters—incredible accomplishments! Potential members want to be part of an organization that can and does “git ‘er done”.

Back in June 2010, Chris Adams (Joplin, MO) built an OHTA table top display for parents and kids of Bentonville Elementary for the summer activities event, Kampas Days. David Cagle and Jim Warnock assisted by providing pictures of people having fun on the OHT. Over 1,000 kids and parents enjoyed the display, trying to walk away with packs Chris had loaded to 10, 15, and 20 pounds, and learning something about how to enjoy the outdoors as a participant, not a TV couch potato.

You can help us grow again to make us an even better, stronger, more vibrant association. Tell the story of the OHTA and what we do in your circles. Talk about our website www.OzarkHighlandsTrail.com. Please let us know of opportunities to put on brief programs for groups or display at events. Please contact us for (or stop in the Pack Rat to pick up a few) membership recruiting business cards you can give to prospects you meet anywhere, but especially when you’re out hiking.

We have a Power Point program for your group, and several colorful individuals to present the program.  Contact us.